I am a 20 year gal going to school in Portland, Oregon. I am usually found practicing flute, doing homework, or rubbing flour out of my hair. Here is where you will find a collection of recipes as well as life blurbs. I became really interested in baking the summer after my freshman year of college. I was bored and didn’t know the first thing about baking. . .”Mom, what’s vanilla extract look like?” But I dove right in anyway. Almost two years later and I absolutely love to create goods in the kitchen. It’s stress relieving, satisfying, fun, and I think it’s made me more popular. . .but seriously, I love it. I follow many food blogs which is where I learn most of my knowledge. While both my parents can make salsa like nobody’s business, they never really spent much time making baked goods. Chicken tacos on the other hand, yes and yum. (A mean Mexican wedding cookie and rugelach too) If you’re reading this we’re probably friends in real life. In that case, hi. I love you. I hope I can have you over for warm chocolate chip cookies sometime soon.

Instagram: Lizsbakingadventures


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