Let me start out by saying I am not a very good writer. Truly. I haven’t done a terrible amount in college believe it or not. . .most of my assignments consist of music related things which aren’t always essays. However, for the sake of my time in England and beyond, I shall begin a blog. I have been here since Wednesday and so much has happened already. Everyone in my program is so kind. I haven’t even known these people for a week but it feels like much longer. I guess that’s what happened when you put 25+ college students together in one house.

Arriving into Oxford I was very sick and tired. I had motion sickness from the bus ride/hunger. I was also very tired. I couldn’t really sleep the 11 1/2 hours I was on the plane. That was a little stressful. The next two days I woke up at 4:30 am but was able to go back to sleep. Now I am adjusted (I believe). It’s weird knowing my family is all asleep when I wake up and in the middle of their day when I end mine.

I went to London last week. We took the tube from Oxford to the Marble Arch and then the Subway to the Globe Theater. We were able to get 5 pound groundling tickets for the show, As You Like It. We got in line right away and were so close to the stage that we were able to kiss it. Sonia and I actually did kiss it. When the ladies spun their big skirts around they were close to brushing us in the face. It was said to be sold out online but the box office said some people cancelled their ticket reservations. The actor who played Von Trapp in The Sound of Music recieved an award after but wasn’t there to accept it. Sad!!

After the show we took the tube to 221b Baker Street and reveled in the awesomeness. Then we went to where they shoot the actual BBC Sherlock which was close by. After that we went to Picadilly Circus where we had italian food on Shaftsbury Avenue. It was an all around great day. It involved us tiredly getting off the coach way too soon outside of Oxford which then led to us needing to scrounge up change for another bus at 10:45 pm. When the bus dropped us off where we parked our bikes, Kate made contact with a double decker bus. It grazed her and caused her to slow fall forward on her bike. We were laughing because it was so anti climactic-and because we knew she was okay obviously. The bus driver slowed down then but then drove off. The drivers are a little crazy here. I’ve seen or heard of 4 OSP students almost getting hit by cars. I’m not one of them or anything.

Today I saw the Escher Quartet. They are a chamber group based out of New York. They played a beautiful Mendelssohn quartet which really struck me with it’s power. It was the last quartet he ever wrote. We also got to talk to the violist Pierre after who was super engaging and even let Rebecca hold his viola. Sunday we went to evensong at Christ Church. It was so wonderful to hear the male choir. After evensong a group of us went to The Eagle and Child. Elena and I shared a spinach potato pie and a hamburger. Our time there ended with someone’s gravy and vegetables on the floor. LOL.

Everything here is beautiful. America is young. The west coast is especially young. I am so glad to finally have seen the River Thames. Saturday I also had black snot from riding the tube so much. Kind of gross. But it’s lovely here. I miss my family and wish they could be experiencing this with me. I will probably jump for joy when Mary and I meet up in July.




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