Lots of people spew their crap on Facebook. I have a lot I’m thinking and I don’t want to be that person.

Riding the bus bothers me so much now. I used to do it all the time without blinking an eye and now I dread it.

I should have started my summer reading earlier. I have less than a month to read a lot of pages. Thankfully it’s doable.

Student debt sucks. Really does.

Why do movies do things like contour breasts to make them look larger or make people wear fake eyelashes? It just further adds to pressure on appearance as well as an unrealistic expectation.

I wish that on the weekend I could go to Carmel with my mom and drink tea. I miss that.

Community used to be my favorite show and then it got popular and Troy left and now I don’t watch it.

Can there be a person that would let me gush about my boyfriend for like hours?  Because I am definitely capable of that.

On that same note, I wish I had more summer to do nothing but hang out with him. These last few days have been so good.

I called the plot-twists to the last 2 movies I watched and feel pretty good about that.

There’s probably 10+ people I don’t talk to enough and I feel really guilty.

I’m secretly a little snobby about the fact that I come from California. Not actually, but kind of.

It’d be cool if I actually had a recipe for this thing.

I would love to dye my hair pink or purple or something for like a day. After a day I’d be done.

Why am I on my phone all the time? Ugh.

Glad I got an A in Instrumental Conducting because I screwed up transposition (AGAIN) and had a B at midterms.

Going to go to bed before I have to pee because I watched Psycho and am slightly too scared to leave the room.




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