In Reflection.

What a year this has been. This third year of school has gone by in the blink of an eye. There have been many wonderful moments (as well as some very low points, but I won’t go into those). Tomorrow I have my last final-instrumental conducting. I have a flute lesson later in the afternoon to pick out repertoire for my senior recital and then I get to pack up my things over the course of a few days. Saturday I’ll watch four out of my five roommates graduate and end their time at Warner. Some are leaving to very far places while others are staying local (Yay, Luwam!). Either way, it’s still a loss for me. It’s been such a magnificent time in this house with these ladies. I’m trying really hard not to just be like SOISNSNGSROHI ALL THE FEELS because I don’t want to get overly emotional but. . .you get the point.

Luwam’s birthday at Base Camp Brewery in August.

Crepes and awkward pictures. It was nice and nerve-wracking to be reunited after a long summer.

Leadership retreat where I did lots of uncomfortable, cool things like hanging out in 40 foot trees and rock climbing in Washington.

Oregon Symphony in the park and watching this beauty graduate!

So much fun all year in this incredible department.

These dudes and the continuation of our theory family. We’ve come a long way in the last few years. DAVY’S GETTING MARRIED!!!!!

We did the Friendsgiving thing and it was so wonderful.

Thanksgiving ice cream with Will!

Went to Disney and it was YAY.


A recital or two was put on.

Quick trip to California was made where we stayed with a complete stranger (but sister in the Lord!).

A year of CAB which included my classmates competing in pie bakeoffs, spending the night in Egtvedt to keep safe from zombies, and the Moonlight Serenade banquet.

I hung out in caves, craters, and bird watched in the middle of nowhere and actually had fun.

Throw in a couple trips to Seattle, an amazing Valentines Day, and many wonderful concerts (Berlin Philharmonia!!!) and see that this is just a taste of my school year. So fun. It will be very sad to pack up and move out of Jefferson house in a few days. What must happen will happen.



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