When You’re a Peanut

Yesterday I baked. I improvised on some ingredients because I just wanted to have something warm in my oven. The first batch was peanut butter banana muffins. If you know me you may know I am a peanut butter fiend. I haven’t always been this way. This kind of happened recently.


Luwam is so lovely and let me borrow her Nikon. I just love Oregon sunshine.



I also made some raspberry jam bread but it didn’t come out how I wanted.

IMG_6764 IMG_6766Taken with my iPhone. Yikes.




I Can’t Even

It’s been a while. I have been busy trekking caves and lava pit craters in Southeastern Oregon.  Hanging out in Malheur County was a blast. Who knew it would be so much fun bird watching squished in a van with 14 other people?10950679_683129821810506_2897125037112137417_n

Yeah, it’s blurry. Dang.  Also, a highlight of the trip was definitely watching greater sage grouse mate 4:30 am. Yes. 4:30 am. When I first arrived at the field station Sunday night I thought How on earth am I going to last these next four days?” But you know what? It got easier with the days. By the third night I wasn’t cringing as I crawled on top of the white hospital bed that held my sleeping bag. My classmates were really great the whole time too.

Oregon has a desert, and it’s windy.

Here is Nate and me in the lava pit crater. To give you an idea of how big this thing is look at my classmates at the top right part of this picture. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt so small in my entire life.

These rocks are old. REALLY old. Like millions of years old. I kind of touched it when it said not to. It was kind of cruel coming back because of my recital this weekend. The first couple days of practice time I was kind of nervous because my chops were out of practice. Today I’m feeling much better now that I’ve had several hours of practice over the last few days. I’ve been planning all the non-music details with my mom. I don’t know what I’d do without her! What a great lady. Seriously. If I had to worry about centerpieces and refreshments on my own, it would stress me out. It would also not be nearly as good. I’m so so so lucky to have parents who are covering the extra expenses.

My awesomely talented friend Holly shot a couple headshots for me over Christmas break. California in the winter looks a lot like Portland in the Spring. My wonderful roommate Alex did my recital poster and for that I’m very grateful. I just love it. It may not look elaborate, but it’s exactly what I wanted and there’s no way I could have done any of this on my own. Thank you Jesus for all my loving family and friends. After this weekend I will be very excited to finally start learning new music. I need fresh literature. But for 5 more days I will wade in the world of C.P.E. Bach and Poulenc!