Thanks for stopping by.

Hello, world.

I follow so many blogs on a regular basis that it’s inspired me to start my own. I don’t really believe in New Years resolutions, but I hope I will be inspired to keep this up. I really mean to write more. I have a beautiful journal my sister Cathy got me from England. I used to be very good about writing in it, but I haven’t touched it in months. Maybe I will write on this blog consistently so I may look back at my thoughts and escapades. I’m not a great writer either, at least I don’t think so. Dr. Plies told me he believes I am a good writer, and I value what he tells me.

Here are a list of some of the blogs I enjoy reading:

They’re mostly food blogs. I love to bake. We’ll get to that later.

Boston Skype called me while I was writing this post. One hour later I am now returning back to finish up and say

I hope you find this worthwhile.

I know I’ll find this worthwhile.




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